Deaerators/Air separators are the products that enable the separation and evacuation of the air in the system continuously thanks to its special design and special channel structure.

Deaerator Features

The operating system of deaerators depends on several physical movements. The active part of the expanded stainless steel sheet is placed radially in the body. It creates a strong turbulence to maintain the flow of water to the expanded surface.

In this way, it results in the speed and pressure changes occurring in the device and small air bubbles are released.

The bubbles on the metal surfaces move towards the upper section. The bubbles collected in the upper section are then expelled through the vent valve


Dirt Separator

This products is used by utilizing deaerators and dirt separators in facilities separately with all of their tasks by using a single device to collect all the sediments and dirt accumulated in the water, as well as the air and gases in the form of dissolved air is used for the purpose of decomposing the system.

Dirt Separator Features

Package deaerator – dirt separator extend the life of boiler systems by making thermal and hydraulic balancing between the heating source and facilities in closed circuit heating systems.

In addition, it provides the pressure, temperature and flow balance of heat boilers of different powers. The position of the package balance container in the facility is ideal for the air separator and sediment separator.

The air separation can be done very quickly thanks to the automatic venting air discharger. Drainage waste and dirt accumulated in the container can be easily emptied by the drain cock at the bottom of the balance container.

Hydraulic Separator

These are the products of dirt separators, while working with the system and the dirt and waste formed in the facility, that allow the collection and sparation of dirt in the lower chamber of the dirt separator thanks to the flow deceleration in the device and its special filter and design.

Hydraulic Separator Features

Sediment and dirt in water can cause malfunctions, wear and loss of efficiency in pumps, motorized valves and other armatures, increasing maintenance requirements and corrosion.

This product eliminates the difficulties in the maintenance and cleaning of conventional dirt separators and avoids possible negligence resulting from these difficulties.

Deaerator-Dirt Seperator

Hydraulic balance tanks provide hydraulic balancing of water circulating between primary and secondary circuits.

Depending on the temperature difference between fluids, it provides hydraulic balancing by separating a part of the water coming from these circuits and combining them if necessary.

Deaerator-Dirt Seperator Features

In the upper part of the tanks there is an automatic air vent, and in the lower part there are installation ports of suitable diameter and size to be connected to the discharge valve.

Hydraulic Separator-Deaerator-Dirt Seperator

Package Hydraulic Balance Tank; In the facility systems, the air separator, dirt separator and the hydraulic balance tank are the products that collect the functions in a single device.

Hydraulic Separator-Deaerator-Dirt Seperator Features

  • The use of the package balance tank ensures hydraulic balancing.
  • It prevents overloading of pumps or boilers and damages caused by this load.
  • Heat transfer is provided easily and efficiently.
  • It eliminates pressure and circulation imbalances in the system.