Mobile Transformer Substations Up to 36 kV


EVA-Mobil-36 Series products are MV/LV Mobile Transformer Substations that convert 36kV Medium Voltage from electrical distribution networks to Low Voltage. The Mobile Transformer Substations (Metal Sheet Transformer Substation, Metal Sheet Kiosk, Mobile Kiosk) can be designed up to 1600kVA and can be used under these example conditions;

– Preventing clients from long time blackouts during any kind of transformer fault, renewal of transformer and routine maintenance works over the existing substations.

– After an Act of God event, to supply the urgent power requirements of hospitals, clinics and to supply the power needs of the equipments-tools-devices used during the search and rescue operations plus illumination of the incident area.

High Voltage (HV) Switching Section (6,3 kV-10,5 kV-17,5 kV-20 kV-34,5 kV-40,5 kV)

– The section that contains air insulated switchgears or gas insulated switchgears

Transformer Section

– The section that contains HV/LV Transformer

Low Voltage (LV) Section

– The section that contains LV Panel


Mobile Transformer Substations Up to 154 kV



EVA-Mobile Substation -HV Series Mobile Transformer Substations are HV/MV Mobile step-down transformer stations that convert High Voltage (110 kV-132 kV-154 kV-245 kV) from transmission lines to distribution network integrated Medium Voltage (6,3 kV-10,5 kV-17,5 kV-20 kV-34,5 kV-40,5 kV) lines. The mobile transformer / distribution substations can be produced over transportable platforms and can be up to 60MVA. They are produced to supply facilities’ temporary, emergency and extra power needs. The mobile substations (mobile step-down transformer stations) are installed over 2 trailers and consists of 4 main sections; HV protection and switching equipments, HV/MV Power Transformer, MV Metal Clad / GIS Switchgear section along with protection and control panels.

HV Switching Section (110kV-154kV-245kV);

– Line Disconnector and Earthing Switch

– Breaker

– Current-Voltage Transformers

– Surge Arrester

Transformer Section;

– HV/MV Power Transformer

– MV/LV Internal Supply Transformer

MV Switching Section (6,3kV-10,5kV-17,5kV-20kV-34,5kV-40,5kV)

– Medium Voltage Modular Switchgears (Metal Clad or GIS)

Protection and Control Section;

– Control Panels

– Protection Relays

– DC Power Supply