• LV Distribution Panels

    Our company; Through intelligent ports module with easy assembly and disassembly feature modular panels according to IEC 61439-1 and IEC 61439-2 standard, different sizes, different mounting types, up to 4000A, synchronization panels, Network – Generator Transfer switch and main distribution panels, manufactures.

    With our Quotations departmant coordination, Designing and manufacturing our part with our team of experts before and after tender, valuable technical support to customer, budgetary work, panel drawings and layout are done with great care.



  • AC Collecting Panel

  • In the case of series inventors are being used, this panels are preferred to be able to make the connections of AC network cables. The collected energy is carried from this panel to main distribution one with a single cable. This panel is equipped with intermediate coupling, extra safety and switching mechanisms inside. This panels are manufactured as two types: glassfiber-reinforced and metal.



  • Solar Collecting Panel

  • The energy coming from AC collecting panel or central invertor output is directed to LV main collecting panels via power cables to make the energy safe and under control. Solar collecting panel is equipped with energy quality measuring units, related system protection and auxiliary equipments. The energy collected in solar collecting panel is directed via the connectors which is capable of working in high current limits to transformers to be able to increase the voltage level. Solar panels are produced according to TSE, CE and ISO 9001_14001 standarts.



  • DC Collecting Panel

  • In the systems where central inventors are used, DC energy is collected in DC distribution panels. There is one DC distribution panel for each series. Energy is carried from DC distribution panels to central invertor system with a DC network. Related safety and switching equipments are used in DC distribution panels.
  • Solar Compensation Panels

  • These panels are used for compensating the reactive power of solar power plants when they are not producing energy. This system takes the current information from MV side differently from other compensation panels.It is necessary to use too many single-phase capacitors for compensation where the load between phases is unbalanced and / or the load change is rapid such as bank branches, welding workshops, facilities which uses crane systems, restaurants, jewellery shops etc. In the places where the load change is too rapid, thyristor switching must be applied also. This kind of requirements in these places increase the initial investment and operating costs.In addition, these systems do not work in the places which have both capacitive and inductive reactive power demands and all investement is wasted.Thank to solar compensation panels; customer no need to pay reactive energy and investment costs whether the loads in the facility are unbalanced, fast or even capacitive.Solar compensation panels are produced as three types; s30, s50, and s100.

  • eVAR-STP
    Nominal Gerilimi 230 / 400V AC
    Sürekli Çalışma Gerilimi 400 V / 440V / 525V AC
    Aşırı Akım 2xIn
    Çalışma Frekansı 50 Hz
    Ortam Sıcaklığı -25°C – +55°C
    • 1.5 VAr steps with 1,000 steps
    • Quick Production
    • Ease of Installation
    • Easy Dealing
    • High Security
    • Accurate Compensation at Fast Heights
    • Accurate Compensation for Unbalanced Loads
    • 30 kVAr, 50 kVAr and 100 kVAr Options
    • The Capacity of Compensating Capacitive Loads Through the Shunt Reactor Stage
  • Secondary Protection Panels

  • Power plants, transmission systems, distribution systems, pumping stations, cement factories, especially, the system fed from the high voltage, production of secondary protection panel for protection controls, custom design made in CNC panels.In addition, our Design department, the control projects such facilities are able to prepare from begining of the project.Quotations in the coordination of our department, Designing and manufacturing our part with our team of experts before and after tender valuable technical support to customer, budgetary work, panel drawings and layout are done with great care.